Balázs Szűcs

A Photographer from Hungary living in the Netherlands with a fancy for Absurd Realism.

Working in photography since 2008, he has explored many sides of the craft. His main interests do lie with conceptual, studio and documentary work. He has not only experienced photography, but has worked as a fresco painter, journalist, writer, and art teacher. 



Oh, why the heck not...
— Balázs Szűcs


2016: Codarts & Willem de Kooning Academie

Approveal Photography Teacher Third Degree

2014-2015: Fontys Hogescholen Tilburg

Bachelor of Journalism

2011-2013: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Bachelor of Design in Photography

2008-2011: Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Bachelor of Education in Visual Art and Design


Kamera Express                     -  Sales & Workshops

CKC & Partners Zoetermeer   - Teacher

Fontys School of Journalism  - Guest Teacher


Past partnerships

Canon Nederland              - Sales Promoter

Olympus Nederland           - Host and Photographer

SJU Jazzpodium Utrecht   - Photographer

Redactie N20                    - Journalist

Gallery Suez                      - Co-Currator

Kodex Advisory & Consult - DTP and Photography


Beethovenrode 37, 2717AP Zoetermeer 

KvK nr:  58060448