Burning Bridges Photography offers a wide range of services, from studio photography to educating and more. 

Feel free to contact me to learn more and to see what we can accomplish together.

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Documentary photography

Photographing festivals, events, news and more in a way that shows more than just the surface of it all.



Analog or digital portraits on location at your event that capture the unique faces present in a way that will make those memories truely lasting.


Product Photography

Creating images that not only show your product but also sell it. Photographs suitable for campaigns both on- and offline. Communicating in an engaging fashion.


Portrait Photography

Capturing a side of you that definitely turns some heads to your cause and not just show a pretty face. 


Gear Advisor

With years of experience in photography retail I can help to pick out, assemble and get you rolling with your photographic setup. Be it a studio, location setup or the next best piece of glass.